Valgus deformity of the big toe

Hallux valgus is one of the most frequent diseases to date.

Despite a very specific image of the current hallux valgus of the big toe, treatment without surgery is allowed and available to everyone.

Description of the pathology

Valgus thumb

Hallux valgus (the official name of this disease) represents a deviation of a degree of reversal of the first finger of the foot. This pathology often affects women, Mature or elderly. The diseases characteristic of acute pain, gait disturbance, limitation or difficulty in the selection of shoes.

The reasons for the development

Hallux valgus can have a series of pre-requisites, but in the majority of cases occurs because of mismatched shoes. It is curious that the communities that the tribal do not suffer from this disorder due to the fact that I used to go completely barefoot in a natural way to give support to the tendons in a healthy condition. In civilized countries the most common causes of the disease are flat and incorrectly matched shoes.

The symptoms of the disease

Stop begins to deform, according to the following characteristics:

  • the marked deviation of the first toe;
  • the resulting "convex bone" is a progressive increase;
  • the other fingers are deformed "malleus" of;
  • the joints of the foot are very sick in intensive loads;
  • legs getting tired faster than usual;
  • it is difficult to choose comfortable and beautiful shoes.

It is very important to feel the moment when everyone speaks of the need to go to a specialist. When you run the form hallux valgus, but it is in all 3 scenarios, the deviation angle of the gold is 70 degrees, the pain are resistant in nature, as already related not only to the chronic inflammation and the increase of the loads. An additional cause of the pain is the compression of the nerve endings in the displacement of the bones.

Watching so heavy symptoms, does not make sense to enlist the assistance of orthopedic structures. The health of the foot has been completely restored and the pain has disappeared without a trace, will require surgery. The initial and a second phase of development of the hallux valgus help to avoid the surgery.

Non-surgical treatment of hallux valgus

By not having to go under the surgeon's knife, must be very carefully monitor the health of the legs and feet in particular. In the initial stages, the disease can be cured by means of the following methods:

  • for the selection of comfortable shoes with a wide toe, low heels;
  • with the help of a prosthesis for the correction of the foot (can be used at night);
  • to bring specialized templates, normalized to the degree of pressure on the foot;
  • the step of physiotherapy: medical massage, ultrasound therapy, diathermy;
  • regular classes, gentle exercise;
  • relaxing baths for the feet;
  • wearing valgus bus (a special bandage);
  • to get rid of excess weight and normalization of the balance sheet.

Inflammatory processes that affect joints and the surrounding tissues, can be eliminated with the adoption of anti-inflammatory drugs. If you don't provide tangible results, you may need a course of intraarticular injections of steroid drugs.

The main methods of treatment

When chemotherapy doctor focus on addressing current symptoms. In the case of valgus deformity, it is necessary to prevent the inflammation, eliminate the pain, restore the physical capacity of the patient.

In the fight against hallux valgus demonstrates excellent results with non-steroidal group of anti-inflammatory drugs (Nsaids). The vast majority of patients who had to struggle with pains in the joints, have resorted to the use of nimesulide (powder, gel, tablets). Remember that the name of the drug may vary depending on the manufacturer. Of the same active substance remains unchanged, regardless of the commercial name of the product.

Medical massage of valgus

Also effective for the treatment of this disease using sessions electrophoresis. The principle of its action is the curative effects of electrolytes in the tissues and joints. Noteworthy is the fact that the improvements are visible already after the first intervention. Electrophoresis effectively prevents the progression of the curvature, in addition, unlike Nsaids, are not able to hurt the gastrointestinal tract of the patient.

The operational method of solving the problem has ceased out, make it a rule to buy in the first place that is comfortable and practical, but not beautiful shoes. No need to tighten and stretch the foot while walking — otherwise, they face a prerequisite for the development of complications. A special role in the rapid restoration of the function of the foot plays an orthopedic correction specialist appoints the use of the specialized tires and partitions. With your help, the finger will return to its original position. This technique is completely painless and productive.

Good results show the application of the bandage, to put it directly to the foot. Bandage tightens the curve area to restore it to the position optimal. It is used both in the day and at night. Use it at night can lead to even better results — while sleeping our muscles and joints are relaxed, and therefore easily amenable to correction.

The first time that the brace is to be worn on foot (2-3 hours), but duration of use gradually increases, reaching 12 hours and after a full day. Bring a bandage to the foot, before sleeping, the patient protects himself from pain. This technique directly shows and in the postoperative period.

Measures of prevention

They are quite simple to comply with:

  • Maximum wear comfortable shoes. Preferably buying of products from high quality material. The best option is leather. In these shoes your feet breathe and feel the true comfort. If the material is lightweight, the foot does not suffer from fatigue and overexertion.
  • Of course, the love of high heels, naturally, the heel is able to change the silhouette of the best. However, it is a pity the studs serve as the main prerequisite for the development of hallux valgus. The optimal heel height is 5 cm.
  • Returning home after a day hard, let me relax your feet. Take a warm bath, use soothing gels and ointments.
  • If you do not want to become a victim of the hallux valgus the big toe, to help you special exercises. Therapeutic exercise for the foot is a useful means of keeping the feet in good shape.
  • Follow the food. The overweight is a serious obstacle to the health of the feet. Not sit on a diet, after which the weight of the body on the rise. Follow a balanced diet, giving up dinners.

It is not necessary to treat the foot pain, condescending, because almost every known medical illness are being developed from the almost imperceptible symptoms. Follow the muscle tone, choose the Shoe size based on your comfort. In spite of the fact that hallux valgus of the big toe, allows the treatment without the need for surgery, the risk for put in place the critical point is always there.