Valgus deformity of the big toe: degrees, treatment

Valgus deformity the big toe and the more Marta orthopedic disease. Its main feature, the curvature of the 1 metatarsophalangeal joint. In the early stages manifests itself in the form of a small outgrowth proposition of the big toe. The pathology is characterized by the slow pace of development so that it is diagnosed in the initial stages and difficult. Valgus deformity often is combined with difficulties of supply to the blood tissues, which leads to the development of arthritis or osteoarthritis. If this is not the toe thumb joint occurs acute inflammatory process known as bursitis.


That contributes to the curvature of the finger?

The causes of hallux valgus may be different, the main among them are:

  • flat feet;
  • pathology of the congenital metatarsophalangeal joint;
  • muscle weakness that leads to an abnormal mobility of the bone surfaces;
  • leg injuries;
  • the destruction of the cartilage of the un on a background of arthritis or osteoarthritis.

Wearing shoes is uncomfortable in the direct of the causes of the disease and not the tas, however, and able to accelerate the development of the pathological process. So halyus valgus and more frequent in women. There are others that can causes pathological bend the first finger of the foot. Osteoporosis develops when the leaching of calcium from bone tissue, causing them to be less dense. And This is what leads to the modification of the shape of the union. With Almost every person with symptomatic hallux valgus, is the un of the type 2, flatfoot. Endocrine disorders contribute to a reduction of the strength of the ligaments, that they can't hold the joint position on the right. The group of risk includes women who used to walk with clutches high. The provision increase of l of l ca stress the fingers of the feet accelerates the bending of the joint. Ballet dancers forced to remain at the time of the feet, which can lead to deformation of the feet. Therefore, hallux valgus and found only in the 3% of people under 30 years of age, while among the elderly the problem, one out of every 5 people. The disease and the most frequent in the patients had parents pathology of the locomotor system.

valgus of the foot

The clinical picture of the disease

The curvature of the big toe of the initial in stages d and very difficult to observe. The man who he says was uncomfortable to walk in familiar shoes. Original works of art from a long stay in the standing position occurs the pain syndrome. With time, there is the main sign of pathology — a deviation of the first metatarsophalangeal joint towards the second with the formacio of the so-called bumps. The fingers take the shape of hammers. The patient may experience chronic fatigue and difficulties in the selection of shoes. Over time, the skin of the feet corns, bringing home very uncomfortable. The more Marta signs of hallux valgus are considered the pain associat with the inflammation of the membrana synovial. In the area of the first finger appears soft seal. The skin of The affected area and red and swollen. With a slight callus, irritating the soft tissues and cartilage. There are un strong pain when walking. Mobility limited to, the process may involve pathological all the fingers of the foot.

There are several degrees of valgus deformity, each of which has its own symptoms:

  1. Hallux valgus 1 degree is characterized by the curvature of the finger not more than 20°. The pain is not observed.
  2. With the disease of 2 degrees happens the group of 21 to 30°. Physical discomfort have minor mobility of the finger is not broken.
  3. When hallux valgus, 3 degrees of angle of curvature exceeds 30°. Pain in the affected area become permanent. Interfere with the person with the usual shoes, take a walk and practice a little sport.
  4. 4 stage of the disease of the joint shifts more than 50°. For deformations of this measure, which is characterized by severe pain, difficulties with the selection of shoes, the formacio of blisters.

How to identify this disease


For preliminary diagnosis is the examination of the foot and medical history. The doctor:

  • to assess the severity of the motion changes;
  • the degree of curvature of the union;
  • the presence of blisters;
  • os police.

Basic therapeutic interventions

L d choice a specific depends on technique of the degree of deformation of the joint severity and the pain. The treatment most sure for a hallux valgus toe thumb and in its early stages. The therapy can be conservative and surgical. In addition, delaying the development of the pathological process help to bring footwear orthopedic, they have to guarantee the correct distribution and loads, prevents the appearance of calluses. To reduce pressure on the affected area special insoles and pads. Due to the large number of side effects, the background, these are not suitable for extended use. Drug therapy cannot cure completely hallux valgus. Only you Can help to eliminate the pain and signs of inflammation. For the treatment of the disease are often used physiotherapy — diathermy or ultrasound. However, these methods bring un temporary relief. The more you and the orthotic device use which has been made taking into account the characteristics of the foot individuals. The use of the arch supports and locks the fingers in the early stages of the disease prevents further deformation of the joint. With advanced forms of the disease orthopedic devices are designed to make walking more comfortable. With the help of special templates in order to eliminate the cause of the curvature in the foot plan. The surgery necessary and with 3-4 degrees of valgus deformity when conservative treatment and ineffective. The choice of method depends on the severity of the deformity. With a slight movement of the finger s removes only the bone growth. For this reason, if the affected area is a small incision made, original works of art that with the cut and I do not stop to remove it.


The osteotomy distal direction s to reduce the restaurant the angle of curvature. The lower part of the bone cut and I installed in the correct position. The osteotomy proximal imply impact at the top of the finger. During the operation of the Keller — Brandes arthroplasty of the gold and removed, the remaining membrane" synovial took place.put between the operating system metatarsal and the phalanx proximal. The surgical intervention used in the majority of cases, advanced forms of hallux valgus. The effectiveness of the treatment largely depends on the correct application of measures of rehabilitation. In the postoperative period and need to bring with shoes hard soles or use the un special device. To reduce the load on the leg operated need to use crosses. The shoes must have wide toe and heel low. It should be remembered that any surgery can lead to complications.

We are The most dangerous:

  • the infection of tissues of soft;
  • osteomyelitis;
  • bleeding;
  • the displacement of the bone fragments;
  • slowing down the healing process;
  • loss of sensitivity of the fingers.

Most are the rare complications tissue avascular I neurosis post-traumatic arthritis. Prevention of hallux valgus, the constant visits to the podiatrist. From the narrow door of shoes with clutches be high have been abandoned. It is recommended to use templates for orthopedic. Long stay in a position is prohibited. Hallux valgus and a serious illness that can worsen their quality of life, so the treatment should begin in the early stages.


Halyus Valgus (Hallux Valgus) treatment sense surgery

Excessive body weight, wearing uncomfortable shoes, trauma to the stop lead to the appearance of the interior side at the base of the thumb painful, erythematous bulging. Is called Hallux valgus. What and Hallux valgus? Opredelennyi term literally translates Hallux — the toe thumb and valgus and a deviation towards the outside. The result protrusion and medial head of the first metatarsal bone. However, she's away from the rest of the metatarsal bones, which visually improves pumping in size. The disease is manifested by pain, and impossible to wear normal shoes. The skin over bulging constantly get chafed, inflamed, in exceptional cases, bleeding. With the end is repeated for the medical assistance and deformity important of all the metatarsophalangeal joints. The first and the second cross finger, fingers the other sense realize n you can bend the extension becomes impossible.

The causes of the disease

To better understand what halyus valgus, and necessary to know the causes and mechanism of appearance of this disease. It develops more frequently in women as their ligaments are so strong they are not like homes. Self-similar deformation does not develop its manifestations, and necessary to influence the following pathogenic factors:

  • the increase of body weight in obese people has been the object of the extension of the loads in the region of the metatarsophalangeal joints, which leads to the stretching of the ligaments that Connects AB metatarsals;
  • narrow and uncomfortable, oppressive, high-heeled footwear and the main trigger of this condition. Frequently wearing shoes with a narrow toe box, even in the clutches high contributes to the un's change a constant physiological position of the general, by which, gradually deviates towards the outside;
  • hormonal changes, which often happens in individuals of the fair sex, are contributing to changes in the metabolism and trophism of the connective tissue, which leads the un's increase of the stretching of the tendons, the violation of their integrity;
  • trauma — significant damage of the tendons of the muscles that are doing the adductor and abductor function, it encourages the prevalence of the efforts of one of them that the reason for the deviation of the first metatarsal bone;
  • diabetes leads to the development of foot diabetes, which is characterized by impairment of blood supply and trophicity of the muscles, the tendons, ligaments, it gives you a chance to show deformation;
  • arthritis and l l osteoarthritis of toe fat, can lead to the development of chronic inflammatory focus, also these diseases stimulate the process of proliferation osteophytes, which may cause deformity of the affected of the joint;
  • period of gestation of the woman in life, when there is the un full of hormonal changes and the enlargement of the abdomen carries the load on the front parts of the feet, which causes the development of halyus valgus.
method of diagnosis

Stage Hallux valgus

Gravity halyus valgus is determined on the basis of the restaurant is the angle between the first metatarsal bone and the second I deflection of the restaurant the angle of the thumb of the first metatarsal bone. There are three stages of this disease:

  1. Hallux valgus 1 degree is characterized by the minimum that are deviations: Besplatniy angle less than 12 degrees and the deviation or does not exceed 25 degrees. Thus, the patients may be completely absent pathognomonic symptoms and changes are almost visual imperceptible.
  2. Halyus valgus 2 degree — is manifested by the increase of the mezhplanetnogo angle to 18 degrees at this time, the first thing you said and declined by more than 25 degrees. This appears to strain painful sensation of physical discomfort when wearing conventional shoes. When physical excessive tension increases the pain. The part of the convex metatarsal head and constantly rubbed, hyperemic, edematous, which indicates that the inflammatory process.
  3. Hallux valgus, 3 degrees, there is a curvature important, the restaurant is the angle between the metatarsals exceed degrees 18, and the first and second finger crossed. In the inner side there is a significant bulge and red, pain to palpation. Use of the Shoe s is becoming impossible due to the pain, patients constantly one walking with a limp, avoiding the limb is affected.

Tactics depends on the treatment of the extension of the pathological process. In the early stages, can be dispensed with conservative methods, with the use of pneumatic and other devices lock.The last stage require immediate surgical intervention, which can sense deform the foot, any other unwanted complications.

Treatments halyus Valgus

Before starting treatment for a essential nominal exclude the influence of factors of the pathological. In the first place, you need to reduce body weight. For this recommend patients a practicing some sports, take un active lifestyle. Important, and The point that when performing a physical activity, it is prohibited to put ca l ca l effort limb is affected. The purpose of the diet, un important step in the treatment halyus valgus. An effective diet can recommend the un specialist, but that should include foods rich in vitamins and minerals that help to improve the condition of the affected joint.


Orthopedic Appliances and retenidors

Used for the permanent fixing of the deformed metatarsal and the thumb more in the rest of the foot. You can apply clips of the hard — bus, which when it mounts the stop did not give the opportunity to lift up the un said. Use This device s for the son, and prolonged rest. A possible use of silicone clips. There are and loyalty silicone that are attached only to the general, and also fixed all the fingers. The main advantage of this design is the ability to walk in your shoes. Continues effective the fixation of the metatarsal bone and the mechanism of the lock and almost imperceptible when wearing.