Hallux valgus in children

Valgus feet, abbreviated as VDS, is about 18% of all forms of flatfoot in children. From the classic flatfoot differs in that it is not only the flattening of the foot, but the deformity of the ankle joint, when the inner ankle is very below average.

Because of this deformation affects the joints of the foot, the knee and hip joints. If you do not start the treatment of hallux valgus at the same time, the consequences do not keep itself waiting.

valgus of the foot

You must understand that the valgus deformity of the foot differs from that of the hallux valgus of the big toe, it is still popularly called "bone" - is a completely different pathology. Valgus deformity of the thumb is more common in adults, especially in the elderly. Valgus feet develops in children, but if it is not treated, persists in adults throughout life.

The main cause of hallux valgus in children is heredity. For changes of the foot leads to dysplasia of connective tissue, but there are other reasons:

  • diseases of the nervous system, when the foot deformity develops because of problems with the nerves;
  • disorders of the peripheral nervous system due to flaccid paralysis or paresis;
  • VNS can develop as a result of the wounds.

There are also environmental factors that can be harmful to the child's condition with dysplasia and valgus deformity. If a child with this type of problem playing run, can develop arthritis.

Treatment of hallux valgus

Treatment of hallux valgus in children depends on the degree of severity of the disease. It has four titles, the first is the easiest, the fourth heavier.

With 1 and 2 degrees of deformation shown conservative the child treatment, that is to say, a set of procedures without surgery. Conservative methods are numerous – first of all, this therapeutic exercise, as the muscle of support for the correct positioning of the foot and ankle is very important. Also had regular, massage and physiotherapy, shoes orthopedic. All methods of conservative treatment is required only by specialist.

If the changes went too far, for example, to 3 and 4 degrees, conservative treatment of hallux valgus can be ineffective. Then, the doctor can prescribe the correction surgical, but, of course, very individual.

Footwear orthopedic and templates

Footwear orthopedic and templates are especially necessary for children, in which the first or second degree hallux valgus. Some of the templates, of course, do not work, have to shoes. When the GVA is a special shoes with rigid Board for the correction of the deformity.

To buy shoes themselves doctors advise, which can only worsen the problem. Varieties of shoes for orthopedic much, the specialist can choose the appropriate footwear for your child.

To choose the shoes and insoles I would not recommend in order to avoid misunderstandings and possible negative effects due to the mismatched footwear. Choose shoes you only need the direction of a specialist. In this case, children's, surgeon orthopedic.

valgus massage


Before you look for a massage therapist, you need to consult again. Massage is effective in the case of hallux valgus, but the procedure has contraindications, so you need to make sure that the child does not.

We must not forget that this procedure must be performed by a certified medical professional, massage therapist children's, not a buddy, who ended the Express course.

The lighter the degree of deformation to leave the child, the massage more effective. Best of all, that helps the children of first and second degree.

With 3 and 4 degrees massage also shows, since it allows to normalize muscle tone, improve blood flow to the affected area, normalize the health of connective tissue. However, in these cases, the massage is considered as an ancillary procedure with mandatory integrated approach, including possible surgical intervention at the discretion of the doctor.

Physical therapy

To cure the deformity in children is completely impossible, is a congenital condition, which will accompany him throughout his life. But this does not mean that it is impossible to reduce the degree. This can be done with the help of physiotherapy. Technique, the complex and regular exercise, in any case, selects the expert with the teaching of medicine - exercise physiologist at a medical center.

Usually exercise every day, first course of medicine, then independently at home or in the gym.

When you need to go to the doctor?

The success of treatment of hallux valgus in children depends on the parents and their observation. There are a number of symptoms that should alert your loved ones and get them to record their child on reception to the orthopedist. These features include:

  • change the inside of the Shoe of the child;
  • immediately the deformity of the foot, when on the inside of the ankle is located much lower, so that the ankle joints, when both feet are on the edge, begins to resemble the letter H.

If you notice these symptoms, contact your pediatrician. After the survey will give direction to specialists. (Even to the pediatrician the baby is better to drive with regularity, even if, as a parent not to take).

Don't hesitate to consult the doctor all your concerns and characteristics that you see in a child. As the doctor examines him only 15-20 minutes, and will be seen daily and almost constantly. The faster you identify the problem, the more chances for a good result. Also, we must not forget that the hallux valgus can be a manifestation of more serious pathology, for example, neurological.

valgus prevention

Prevention of hallux valgus

As is often hallux valgus in children is due to genetic predisposition, this VDS is not to prevent, but prevention is very effective in the secondary education GVA.

  • it is important to avoid injury and overexertion of the child;
  • sport for children should be chosen wisely, to consult a doctor will not be superfluous;
  • it is timely to cure all the diseases, which can lead to VDS: paresis, paralysis, problems with the nervous system.

If the deformation is hereditary, you should follow several tips in order not to aggravate:

  • regularly with the child gymnastics, with a special emphasis on exercises to strengthen the muscles of the lower limbs (it is recommended by a doctor), you can register your child for swimming;
  • with respect to the mode rational of the day: more walking, biking;
  • to choose the right footwear.

Prevention is especially relevant in relation to physical inactivity in children, many of them most of the time they spend in front of a computer, which negatively affects the development of diseases of the locomotor system. The task of parents to be actively involved in the lives of their children and to show, for example, the need for active travelers.