Hallux valgus in children – the early signs, causes and treatment

Alterations of the feet has about 40% of children under the age of 4,5-5 years. In most situations, in the children diagnosed with hallux valgus. In this pathology of the foot of the child flat and kind of falls inward, towards the other. The external side of the foot slightly raised. If we look at the baby's feet from above, they form the letter H.

Hallux valgus in children

Hallux valgus in children – causes

Consider the deviation caused due to the underdeveloped ligaments in the feet. Under the action of gravity of the body they deform, the bones shift and bend. Valgus foot in a child is formed for many reasons, which are divided into 2 groups:

  • congenital;
  • buy.

Congenital hallux valgus

A problem develops in the period of prenatal training of the limbs of the fetus. Planovalgus foot is produced because of the lack of alignment, and bone growth. Less Flex in the background of the prenatal damage and dysplasia. Hallux valgus in babies is diagnosed immediately after birth or during the first months of baby's life. At this stage it is easy to adjust to the shape of the foot, to restore the height and correct the curves.

Acquired deformity of the foot

This type of disease is caused by reasons external that affect the musculoskeletal system. First, the hallux valgus in children is not too noticeable. Express the symptoms observed at the age of 10-12 months, when the baby tries to walk independently. Planovalgus foot, the child acquires the type developed for the following reasons:

  • prematurity;
  • weak connective tissues;
  • serious infections, transferred in early childhood (bronchitis, pneumonia, SARS and others);
  • intrauterine hypotrophy of the muscles;
  • rickets;
  • myodystrophy;
  • poliomyelitis;
  • Deformation
  • cerebral palsy;
  • polyneuropathy;
  • mechanical injuries and fractures of limbs with prolonged wear a bandage and a plaster;
  • obesity;
  • too soon to put the child in the feet, premature attempts to teach him to walk;
  • wrong selection of shoes;
  • slowness;
  • a deficiency of calcium in the body;
  • unbalanced, poor nutrition;
  • endocrine diseases.

Signs of valgus foot in children

First symptoms described violations are visible closer to the first year of a child's life. The parents notice that the baby during the motion is not based on the foot, but only in its interior part. Differences changed the feet from healthy feet is clearly shown in the photo below. Signs of the disease depend on the degree of hallux valgus in children:

  1. Easy stage is characterized by flattening of the feet without significant minabantur feet. The angle of deviation of the ankle from a straight line perpendicular to the heel up to 15 degrees.
  2. Hallux valgus in children average severity is also accompanied by a flattening of the feet, but they are swamped within 15-20 degrees.
  3. The serious illness United pronounced flat feet and a large angle of deviation of the ankle – 20-30 degrees.
  4. Very severe stage characterized by strong flattening of the arch of the foot. Minabantur the ankle exceeds the angle of 30 degrees.

Nonspecific symptoms of deficiency:

  • awkward, dragging gait;
  • the fatigue while running and active play;
  • unpleasant sensations in the legs;
  • the moodiness, the irritability of the baby.

Hallux valgus in children – treatment

The methods of treatment are selected individually for each child according to the degree of pathology. There are 2 options, that can be corrected PLANO-valgus feet in children – treatment can be performed non-surgical and operational methods. In the first case, the treatment consists in bringing special templates for orthopedic shoes, massage, and exercises therapeutic. Surgical intervention is assigned very rarely (about 7% of children), when the standard approach does not work or the disease is diagnosed it is already in a critical phase.

Shoes orthopedic for children with hallux valgus

Boots, sandals to a child with the problem are only made to order. Shoes orthopedic with the hallux valgus are made by individual mittit or accurate measurements that are made by the doctor. Yourself to buy these products is not desirable. The mass production of footwear is performed at the point of parameters, does not correspond to a specific angle and flattening feet.

Templates with valgus deformity of the foot in children

Through the use of a pair of sandals or shoes is not corrected valgus foot in a child - the treatment consists of a long use. The growth of the legs and the gradual recovery of the forms requires the timely replacement of shoes. You can't buy it for the future, or use a small size. The feet of the baby must be rigidly fixed to the bottom of the Shin, the heel and the sock.

Templates with valgus deformity of the foot in children

These accessories such as shoes, strictly individual. Appropriate treatment of hallux valgus involves several stages from the complex and simple. The size, shape, templates, and the thickness of the arch support should be chosen in accordance with the degree of flattening of each foot and the angle of its deviation. A slight hallux valgus in children can be corrected quickly, you will need 3-5 pairs of the considered devices. In moderate and severe disease often have to change the template for several years.

Massage for hallux valgus in children

Manual therapy plays a very important role in the treatment of the disease. Procedures should be performed by a specialist technician. Parents can independently conduct massage with hallux valgus only after learning from a chiropractor. Manipulations include the work on the muscles:

  • back;
  • the sacrum and lower back;
  • the buttocks;
  • the thighs;
  • the legs;
  • the anterior surface of the legs.

During the application of massage is performed in parallel, a passive therapeutic movement of joints. A properly carried out course of treatments help:

  • improvement in nerve conduction;
  • the normalization of the mobility of the foot;
  • strengthening of a muscular corset;
  • to elevate the general tone of the body.

Massage Mat with valgus foot in children

This accessory is used as the auxiliary manual therapies. Relief Mat helps:

  • to adjust the height of the arch of the foot;
  • increase the circulation of the blood;
  • to increase the flexibility and mobility of the feet;
  • to get rid of pain in walking and running.

The size of the irregularities and emergencies in the accessory is selected in function of the age of the crumbs and the speed with which it progresses PLANO-valgus deformity. For children under 3 years of age it is better to buy a rug with low and small elements positioned close to each other. The child is larger you can offer to run a texture surface with high hardness, the simulation of seashells or sea stones.

Physical therapy in hallux valgus in children

Gymnastics center is to recommend a podiatrist in accordance with the degree of the disease, the age and abilities of the child. It is desirable that the main treatment of hallux valgus with the help of physical education were carried out under the supervision of a specialist. At home you can perform simple exercises, offering child classes and games. Light exercises in hallux valgus in children:

  • walking on stones, small balls, a ladder of ropes;
  • capture of these small objects, pencil, handkerchief, coins;
  • rolling foot roller, ball;
  • drawing the big toes;
  • "goose-step" – movement, squatting;
  • walking with the support of the outer and inner side of the foot, in the toes, heels,
  • "crocodile" – and the child is in the hands of the parents hold down his feet;
  • squat, from a standing position (perpendicular) on the gymnastic stick (you can substitute for a MOP).

Hallux valgus surgery

Age optimal for surgical intervention is considered to be 8-12 years. The transaction is assigned, if it is diagnosed PLANO-feet valgus very heavy, with a deflection angle of more than 30 degrees. The surgeon may individually select the maximum safety and minimally invasive methods of treatment. Hallux valgus in children is to set the following types of operations:

  • strengthen the tibial posterior tendon of the muscle;
  • subtalar artro-erez;
  • lengthening of the Achilles tendon;
  • the progressive imposition of external fixation devices.