PLANO-feet valgus

Planovalgus foot and the more Marta pediatric orthopaedic surgery pathology. And Usually the face in the first few years of a child's life, because it becomes obvious original works of art of a baby starts to walk of the master. What do you do if the curvature of a to be detected, we will try in this article.

hallux valgus

What and hallux valgus

In fact, hallux valgus and flat feet different pathology of the limb is lower, but often with more, there is a combination of the reduction of the arch of the foot, peculiar feet, and the change of position of the foot under load with the displacement of the interior, a feature of the hallux valgus.

Valgus curvature to this type of deformation in which the child in a vertical position and is based primarily on the inner part of the foot and the toes and the heel is extended in the outside direction.

Conditions is production of the legs must be parallel, and a say, when we look at the two standing feet, you can mentally more than two straight vertical line. In a child, with a valgus deformation of refracted these lines are in the area of the joint of the ankle, with one hand on the deviation to the outside, which makes the second name of the disease, X-shaped deformation.

With the walking plan and much more complicated. All children from birth and physiological flat foot, so consider this in pathology 1-2 years and impossible. However, podiatrists consider the problem globally, and in the medical history of the child appears frightened of the parents diagnosis — PLANO-valgus deformity.

Very rare, but valgus curvature can be congenital. For some reason of the lower extremities fetus in the womb begin to develop abnormally. The legs As you can see immediately original work of art almost of the appearance born of the child, and in 2-3 months, the diagnosis alone be placed with reason.

Planovalgus not walk in a sentence. Timely begun treatment in a responsible and systematic approach to the parents, the function with the foot of non-serious pathology can be restored in its entirety. It all depends on the degree of the disease.

PLANO – feet valgus — how to correct the defects?

Valgus tv instal·instal·lació leave — orthopaedic abnormality, which is characterized by the deformation changes of the foot, which is found in children and adults.

Deformation constitutes a violation of the surface of the foot when its middle part and displaced downwards, and the fingers and the heel turned towards the outside.

The cause of the development of the foot abnormal is found in the weakness of the ligaments, and tendons, muscles, when the foot is under the influence of the strongest muscles is sent attracted to him. This result impact on the formacio de foot plan.

PLANO-valgoid deformity of the stop, a essentially the same flat, Marta very defect that occurs in each person half on the planet. Disease in The difficult to treat, and the treatment process is long and I difficult.

The reasons for the development of the disease

In the course of evolution, our feet, formed a assume evenly and distribute the weight of the human body. The role of the foot to provide the greatest shock absorption during walking, running and jumping.

In addition, because of the structure of the unique anatomical foot, straight man walks, not when throwing to the left and right, forward and backward. Outgoing The and the arches of the feet are aimed in two directions: longitudinal and transversal.

So, an adult has to support three points:

  • element of a large metatarsal bone;
  • calcaneal tuberosity;
  • the fifth metatarsal bone.

Pathology is found in young women with more frequency, because they have claws high. Visually the deformation resembles the s to the letter "X". At the same time heel bone and the toes pointing in the same direction (out), mean, and the part of the foot and moved down.

causes of deformation

Therefore, the development of deformation contributes to:

  • the weakness of the ligamentous apparatus.
  • connective tissue diseases;
  • weight (obesity creates an additional load on the foot, which leads to their deformation);
  • wearing uncomfortable high-heel shoes.

Classification pathology

Depending on the shape of the curvature of the foot, the pathology of three types:

  • cross;
  • longitudinal;
  • combined.

Longitudinal mounting of the foot to a reduction of the arc longitudinal of the foot. If you experience disorders of motion, pain during walking and on palpation, and the deformation changes s observed visually even it can be said that the tension longitudinal of the foot.

Shear deformation is characterized by the specific form of the foot — it looks visually flattened. At the same time, the finger tendons unnaturally stretched, and a curvature has mootoosamy look. Patients complain of pain when walking walking and disturbance.

The author combined the foot combines the features of transverse longitudinal both and the abnormalities of and a so-called transverse — longitudinal flat foot. In spite of this, the pain and the various disorders are absent.

The deformation is classified as follows:

  • colitis — can produce original works of art of the muscle spasms;
  • rachitic — how to develop a consequence of D-hypovitaminosis;
  • structural — abnormal location of the talus;
  • paralytic — as a result of polio;
  • hypercorrection appear as a consequence of a failure of correction of clubfoot;
  • statistics — with the development of scoliosis and posture disorders;
  • compensatory defect of development of the tendon Achilles, in which are the bones displaced towards the interior;
  • traumatic — to develop as a result of injuries, wounds, sprains and fractures;


As s mentioned the PLANO-valgoid deformity develops on the background of congenital flatfoot. Depend on The symptoms of the area of the foot subjected to the distortion.

For example, equino - valgus deformity develops as a result of varus equinovarus or foot. Can be a cause of the pathology of the muscles peroneal. The disease is characterized by paralysis of the muscles such as the feet and the lower part of the leg.

En the presence of "bumps" to the symptoms are manifested in the following way:

  • the bone can become inflamed, swelling and pain;
  • curve the thumb towards the interior with the same fate in front of the other fingers, it can also distort and bulge in the shape of hammers;
  • impossible to take away or narrow shoes shoes with claws, and sometimes even comfortable;
  • very often patients with this pathology the use are of shoes of destinations larger sizes;
  • the curvature of the gold that interferes with the normal with the positioning of the other fingers, also fancy curved and bent;
  • prolonged walking causes pain and heaviness in the legs;
  • appear on the sole corns and calluses.
treatment of the disease

Treatment of the disease

It is said that the diagnosis of flat foot valgus involves a very long and complex treatment that takes a lot of time. And fundamental for the diagnosis of the disease and start the proper treatment. The time in this case works against the patient, as a hope early gives treatment for the fast removal of the disease.

Treatment of valgus flat feet includes;

  • physiotherapy, which is aimed at the correction of the shape of the foot and strengthening the muscles;
  • physiotherapy;
  • wearing shoes orthopedic, insoles, the arch and compatible;
  • use of the orthopedic orthoses, braces and other correctors;
  • Regular massage of the lower extremities and the lumbar — sacral — gluteal area.

Plasmalyte children's foot

It should be noted that all of the above is an un refers to adults, with the presence of this disease, but in small children, things are different.

Almost all are born children with flat feet, and I clear why. Original works of art from all over its feet in the time she had un lot and they only make their first steps at the time to put on your feet.

Naturally, in this period, correctly set legs, since they are not able to walk.

Therefore, and necessary to distinguish functional between flattening of the arch of the foot and anatomical. Physiological flattening and only in the phase of development in the orthopaedic lower extremities, and normal.

When the un enough load when walking on uneven surfaces) the child has a deformity quickly corrected. This usually happens in three years. In addition, up to three years in the sole of the child there is a natural layer of fat that covers the arch of the foot.

This can be seen only in the case that the put un child on tiptoe.

The formacio of the foot arch throughout that jade a few years. So, talking about the anatomically correct foot formed not before five years. However, all children are different, therefore, this process of someone formed before and an original work of art.

It depends on the child and physically developed and healthy, if he has observed deviations of the development of the musculoskeletal system, disorders of the endocrine system and the nervous system.

But, unfortunately, there are cases in which, at the foot plan made evident pathology.

A risk of lead to children in the first year of life was diagnosed disabilities of the musculoskeletal system, loss of muscle tone, delay in psychomotor development, obesity. The consequence of this type of violations will be PLANO-valgoid deformity of the foot.

The restaurant the angle of deviation of the stop of the line of the axis of the orthopedists measured children's in-degree. In this case, the child's body weight is unevenly distributed on the legs and experiencing the load d major, a certain area of the foot. In this case, the inner edge of the foot, in the form of the arc longitudinal. Therefore, this therapists call pathology PLANO.


Massage and the main method of treatment in the complex therapy. Help to relax the musculoskeletal system, improve blood circulation and trophic muscle alone. The child in the foot massage in the following sequence:

  • just before start the massage stroke of the leg;
  • strokes light are treated with the hips and knees;
  • knead the muscles of the posterior part of the surface with a surface pressure;
  • rubbing the muscles;
  • patting to keep the legs of the by the hand of a child;
  • during the final stroke.

Massage begins with stroking, which increase the blood flow to the extremities of the baby. The movement is done from the heel to the popliteal fossa. During the massage put the emphasis on relaxing the muscles, rubbing the child to do.

If in some areas and need to do some vigorous easy money with have to be simultaneously light and energy. Kneading is performed with the fingers of the pads. The emphasis is on the delicate and trembling.


Gymnastics exercises for the treatment of flat feet carry out the treatment on the Mat which should have an uneven (in relief) of the surface. Exercises on this Mat, at the same time there is a massage mechanics of the foot. Are The exercises suitable for children two to three years.

Exercises on the Mat:

  • steps from one foot to another, the transfer of body weight;
  • standing on one leg, the other to keep moving on the Mat;
  • putting his hands on the belt, make circular movements with your body of the un, original works of art, on the other side;
  • a foot to put in front of the other, and original art work of the un increase of do in the fingers I went down to the heel;
  • a walk to trust in the heel, and the other to the tip at the same time to launch from the foot of the middle to the heel;
  • walk on the chair and carpet in a support with the outer edge of the foot.

Surgical treatment

Surgical treatment for the correction of the flat feet a few times. The excision of the arch of the foot made by the method of Griess. Correction of happens default in adolescence, however, to apply the technique of the arthrodesis, which carry out un phased repositioning of the bones of the foot to correct the bow.

Option for you you and surgical correction of the defect in a child of 4 - 5 years with flat feet. At this age there is a rapid recovery ligaments and joints, I place the bones gives the best result.

Selection of shoes

Equino-valgus deformity and remove the foot with the"help d properly selected footwear. And very important to support the bottom, side, and foot. For the treatment of select shoes orthopedic individual measures. Allows muscles to function properly and to evenly distribute the load on the foot. Pediatricians from the un clear benefit to bring special shoes is:

  • reduction of the load on the musculoskeletal system
  • helps to avoid examining the negative result distortion
  • format normal posture and gait,
  • develop properly the muscles and ligaments.

The consequences

If the time does not detect that the child has un PLANO-valgus foot, then in the future there are serious complications that can cause disability. Primarily produced abnormal gait, resulting in altering the structure of the hip and knee, joint. Then, the curves of the spine, that put pressure on the internal organs and allows them to function properly.

Prognosis and prevention

Principles of treatment allows to get rid completely of PLANO-valgus of the foot. Advanced cases, in adolescence the child will manifest problems with the spine.

To avoid examining violations as possible by carrying out simple exercises each day. Do not try to put the baby on its feet if a child under 9 months. You should avoid examining the overload of the musculoskeletal system of the child.

Practical tips


The showing statistics on a yearly basis in the course of prevention of school examinations revealed approximately 40% of the children with different degrees of flatfoot. Most of them were girls. Prevalence in This stage that the early of the often valgus go unnoticed.

Prevention of flatfoot and important, especially during the school years the child when it is growing rapidly.

The crucial period, a 3 to 7 years: at this moment you should make certain that shoes are the well groomed leg and matches the size.

Necessary to Not to buy shoes car orthopedic, if the diagnosis has not yet been delivered or not and the doctor gave him a recommendation. In some cases, additional support can stop backfire.