Hallux valgus treatment

The term "hallux valgus"podiatrists understand this condition of the foot of a child of the un, in which the distance between the and the ankle, 4-5 cm Knees of the baby should be kept together and straight.

The heel and the toes in pathology are this rejected to the outside and inside of the arch collapses to the inside. The baby legs are similar to those of the letter "X".

Valgus deformity of the foot

The most common causes of the disease

For the development of hallux valgus first toes can lead to the following factors:

  • flat feet;
  • congenital disorders of the finger joints or the foot;
  • too weak mobile or jointly;
  • destruction of the joints as a result of arthritis or the osteoarthritis;
  • carpal foot.

Wearing tight shoes to the cause of development of this disease, however, can speed up the process or complicate its course.

There are diseases that cause the development of the disease. These include:

  1. Osteoporosis. This and accompanied by a pathology of the loss of calcium from bones, causing them to modify their structure. That This is, because of the deformity.
  2. Walk plan. Almost all patients with valgus deformity of the has a foot and lateral, longitudinal flat feet.
  3. Endocrine disorders. These processes often lead to the weakening of the ligament over time that causes a flatfoot and deformity.

In a situation of risk are:

In this scenario, in order to detect PLANO leave the baby fails already in the first months of life.

Hallux valgus and a pathological curvature of the big toe of the foot joint to the cap inside and outside of the first pumping metatarsal bone.

The disease affects all the components of the bone elements of the foot, tendons and ligaments because of incorrect load distribution in the foot.

When the advanced of the disease, The only effective way to fight a consider surgery. But if we talk about the specialist at the first signs of the disease, possible conservative treatment. You should pay attention to the following manifestations of the disease:

  • a slight tilt of the thumb to other fingers (less than 20°);
  • pain in the use of shoes;
  • the formacio small holes in the side of the gold;
  • redness and swelling of the specified education due to the inflammation of periarticular heads;
  • the appearance of blisters;
  • changing the shape of the foot.

To determine the treatment more important and more appropriate to determine the cause of the hallux valgus. Factors that can deform the foot, there is the un good lot. The most common are:

  • flat feet cross type;
  • clubfoot;
  • wearing mismatched shoes (high heels, narrow shoes);
  • excess weight;
  • the genetic predisposition;
  • injury;
  • some diseases of the foot, etc.

When walking in these shoes sent superstrong overload front part of the foot. This imbalance, finally, develops into a foot valgus deformity: the metatarsophalangeal joint becomes unstable the metatarsal bone takes place the first finger is bent.

Frequent walking barefoot trains the tendons, the muscles and the legs and a great lent, the prevention of the specified disease.

If the negligence of your health and ignore the signs hallux valgus, you can develop serious complications: thickening of the head of the bone, bursitis, scoliosis, etc.

Faithful to the most severe congenital deformity of the foot and "stop rocking" or "vertical battering RAM."

Hallux valgus in the Purchase of the children with the is linked to imperfection of the tendinous-ligamentous apparatus and the development of disability of the musculoskeletal system of the child.

These are usually deviations detected by 10-12 months, the child when he tries to take his first steps. Hallux valgus often form in children with immunocompromised hypotonia.

The un special role in the weakening of the ligament the muscular and skeletal apparatus of the foot belongs to a rickets. Violation of the static and dynamic relationship in the lower extremities develops in secondary in children on the background of diseases neuromuscular: polyneuropathy, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, polio.

Hallux valgus in children may be a consequence of obesity and excess stress on the foot due to excess body weight.

Valgus of the foot

Signs of the disease

Primers symptoms of hallux valgus appear in the moment in which the baby is trying to take its first steps. When the observation of the motion of the child, it is evident that makes the baby comes only in the interior of the edge", " not in the whole foot, as that should be ok.

In addition to the valgus of the feet, there are other types of X-shaped deformation of the lower extremities. The curve may touch the neck of the femoral in its dislocation congenital or dysplasia.

Feet in the form of the letter "X" can also be twisted in the legs. All these diseases are usually combined with the others are I consequence of the changes in the ligamentous apparatus of the lower extremities.

Board: original works of art of the detection of foot deformities in your fill, see the un doctor!

The symptoms of hallux valgus in children

In most cases, the first signs of hallux valgus en the parents are the children closest to 1 any little original work of art the child who took the first steps. While paying attention to the a that when walking the baby does not occur in the foot and on the inside edge.

Diagnosis of hallux valgus in children

Hallux valgus en child may be un suspected by the pediatrician, but finally, to judge the pathology of the presence and severity allows only the inspection of children's traumatologist-orthopedist I special examination.

For the final solution of the diagnosis of hallux valgus in children in the x-ray of the feet, computer plantography and podometry.

In the x-rays of the feet, performed in 3 projections, it is possible to observe the change of the relative position of the stop in each one. Computer plantography allows you to calculate the morphological parameters of the foot.

With the help of odometry estimated distribution of the load in different parts of the foot. Computer podometry allow to detect changes when the language of clinical signs of hallux valgus in children has not yet emerged.

To exclude pathologies of the Central and peripheral nervous system children with valgus deformity of the foot should be examined by a child neurologist.

The popular treatment

Immediately s must have in mind that the treatment of hallux of the foot by the doctor and chosen for each patient individually. In this case, the specialist must take into account the cause of the disease, its negligence, the degree of deformation and the presence of the patient's characteristic symptoms.

Pathological curvature of the joint

Therapy Traditional in this condition provides for the use of the following techniques:

  1. Therapeutic massage, can enable you carry out the therapy sense surgery. Especially effective this method of treatment for children of the foot, which, a lot easier to "align" with the"help d massage special movements.
  2. Exercises. Physical therapy will be yourself course especially in the early stages of the disease. In practice, this type of exercises the patient at home.
  3. Treatment of ways of folk. Of course, these funds able to will not be to save the people from problems with the foot, however, when so intel·intel·ligent chosen course of treatment popular effective it will be to recipes to eliminate inflammation, swelling and pain.
  4. Correction with laser practiced the more advanced cases of club-and foot to observe the patient's alterations is important in the functions of the ligaments.
  5. The taping and kinezioterapiya with valgus curvature is made to align deformed parts of bones.

Remember. When asked how to develop one foot to your curvature, and important to understand that not in all cases, the person can perform the massage and exercise therapy.

In practice, the treatment of bunions big in the toe of the people ways a house next to the exacerbation of the disease when a person suffers from inflammation and pain in walking. At the same time, help to eliminate the following unpleasant symptoms you folk recipes:

  1. Mix teaspoon of a sea salt, 5 drops of turpentine, 250 ml of water and one tablespoon of red clay medicinal. The finished mixture's applied to the affected area as a compress. Repeat the procedure and best twice a day during the week of the flaps inflammation disappears. Rinse the clay mixture should be with hot water soap.
  2. Pren un new river fish (no frozen work) and the removal of his bones. Fish fillet s applied to the inflammation of the foot and fix it with bandage. To go out for the night. In the morning remove the poultice, I bone of a patient with care easy money with fir oil. The Tool will help you to relieve inflammation and inflammation.
  3. For pain and disinfecting, you can apply the salt. To do this, dissolve two tablespoons of salt in a Cup of boiling water. Original work of art to enjoy of gauze in a solution of ca and apply it to the foot. Leave for a few hours. Repeat the procedure three times a day. And convenient not to go, I supine to be in the or in sitting position in order to cause any tension in the feet.
  4. Thoroughly wash the feet and dry. Lubricate the bones of the legs with oil of camphor, then, the curve applied on the area of the foot of iodine. Repeat the procedure on the day before you go to sleep.
  5. To make un-prepared herbal decoctions, fresh potato peelings. Original work of art of 1 l of ready to pour the mixture in warm water. Steaming Use for the legs.

Before doing folk treatment, and important to consult with your doctor and he discuss with all the recipes that people want to use. A self-medicate is strictly prohibited.

The aim of the treatment of valgus – the restoration of the normal form of the feet and a return of its functions to the full extent. In the early stages of the disease, the priority s provides a conservative therapy.

All the recommendations of the attending doctor will give you the opportunity to avoid consideration of the development of serious complications and without surgery.

Methods of therapy conservative used for the treatment of valgus:

  • constant wear and tear of a Shoe orthopedic;
  • the use of special templates or templates;
  • massage;
  • physiotherapy;
  • physiotherapy.

The basis of conservative treatment and:

  • the exception because of the curvature of the foot;
  • the elimination of the deformation of the feet;
  • get rid of the accompanying symptoms — pain, inflammation, swelling.

With the time when the observation of positive dynamics of the bone let me grow, decrease in size, at the foot of pren its normal state. With all the recommendations of the appropriate orthopedist happens to the load distribution in the foot.

In the primary treatment of the patient to the specialist-you for the development of therapeutic interventions, a full un medical diagnostics. Marta diagnostic methods for this pathology and need to be taken into account:

  • visual inspection of deformation of the feet;
  • the two rays x, and easily visible bone changes;
  • A magnetic RESONANCE imaging or computed tomography;
  • computer plantography, and determined which to a about the load of the different parts of the foot, etc.

Original work of art acurada of an analysis of the results of the research the select the doctor / patient in the correct methods of conservative treatment. Important to keep in mind:

Orthopedic splint
  • the patient's age (usually 50 years);
  • the restaurant the angle of deformation must not exceed 30°;
  • the lack of underlying foot.

You conservative fighting methods valgus deformity of the foot in the current phase, are:

  • drug therapy;
  • the use of special tools of l';
  • the therapeutic measures;
  • the use of traditional medicine.

Only with an integrated approach and harmonious combination of various methods of treatment will give a lasting positive result.

Drug therapy aims to eliminate all negative symptoms of observed during the deformation of the feet. To get rid of the inflammatory process, the doctors s injected into the cavity of the joints of the hormones.

Conservative correction of the deformed foot and impossible to sense by the use of special orthopaedic devices. These include:

  • templates;
  • links;
  • orthopedic splint;
  • the night editor etc.

Therapeutic plantilla with a special base made individually for each patient, main to remove the burden of the patient's joint, return the foot to its shock absorbing properties.

Keys with pads on the damaged area fixed fingers in a steady state and, finally, align the foot. These devices can be used continuously. Links are sometimes used to maintain the transverse arch of the foot.

Elimination of the main causes of the disease — narrow door of the high shoes heel and without a requirement of prior success for the treatment. Suitable for permanent use of shoes should be comfortable, made of soft natural materials, with a large toe box, heel no higher than 4-5 cm.

The aim of the treatment of hallux valgus in children the restoration of normal form and function, strengthen the muscles and ligaments.

In congenital hallux valgus in children may require immobilization of the limb with bandages of plaster. I modeling Selection of the bandage is a children's orthopedist regarding the type of deformation and the degree of deviation from the norm.

Useful classes of swimming therapy and exercise therapy.

Children with valgus deformity of the foot require the selection of the individual functional inserts or special shoes orthopedic with a rigid fixation in the side of the foot and the heel, and instep.

For the surgical treatment of hallux valgus in children and a tour of the relatively frequent (around 7% of the cases). The un method of correction of hallux valgus feet in children and determined by the characteristics of the individuals and the severity of the disease.

The traditional medicine in the fight against the deformation of the feet

Additional funds in the treatment of the conservative hallux valgus stop are the recommendations of folk medicine. Sure to ease Are the main symptoms of the disease.

Pain remove the well medicinal compositions are prepared independently. These include:

  • the un poultice of clay, clay d composed of red, turpentine, water, and the salt of the sea;
  • alcohol based ointment of ammonia and ethyl alcohol, red pepper, camphor;
  • egg ointment, which consists of eggs, acetic acid, pork lard, turpentine.

These compositions s applied to the affected area for 2 hours before you go to sleep. Original works of art of this, the foot must be worn with warm socks.

Relieve pain, inflammation infusions baths of herbs of burdock root, chamomile, herba de Sant Joan. Often s used in this pathology cool with baths of sea salt and iodine.

Pieces of soft propolis can be tied all night in the square jut of the bone. Popular among patients with valgus deformity application of the foot therapeutic loukoumi or leaves of cabbage. Lopuhova let me for the un effect greater, smeared with turpentine. Appliques are done for the night.

To get the un result traditional, stable medications, you must use a long time up to 2-3 months.

The base of all the recipes and the heating to the deformation, that allows you to improve it process metabolic, strengthen the local blood circulation.